SPOOKY Pattern Round-Up!

Not gonna lie - I'm about to feature a lot of my own stuff in this round-up BECAUSE I LOVE SPOOKY SEASON. Also, this is my blog and I'll do what I want. I have a hard time promoting my own stuff, so I'm going to try doing it like this and see if it works? I don't know.

Anyway, let's get spooky! With some knitting AND crochet! I really want to do more round-ups with both or more consistently alternate between the two. I'm trying to figure stuff out and I appreciate everyone along for the ride with me.

First, let me mention my Monthly Ko-Fi Member Exclusives for October! I made 5 GHOST Pokemon c2c charts this month! I usually only do 3, but again, I LOVE SPOOKY SEASON. I also love ghost type Pokemon. For $3/month you get new monthly c2c charts as well as some other goodies, so it's worth checking out, if I do say so myself! It's a sweet deal. This month you get Haunter, Gengar, Sableye, Shuppet, and Litwick!

Go scope out my Ko-Fi here, where you can sign up!

My Hat, My Cat, My Pumpkin and My Bat Halloween Knit Hat by WoollyRhinocrafts

Ok, so this is an older Ko-Fi Member Exclusive pattern and that link will take you to a mysterious page if you're not a subscriber. Again, you can pop on over to my main Ko-Fi page to sign up, and you'll then be able to access the link for that super-fun hat!

Bat Buddy Crochet Pattern by WoollyRhinoCrafts

This cute plush is easy to customize. The pattern is for a patchwork version, but I've also made them with granny square patches or with no patches at all so you just have a cute egg-shaped weirdo little bat! 

Mothman Knit Hat by WoollyRhinoCrafts

Next is my Mothman hat pattern! This is one of my most popular hats on Etsy where everyone gets to pay extra to offset all of the totally made-up fees! If you follow the link above you'll be taken to my Ko-Fi where all of the money goes to me and none to any corporate overlords! It's a fun hat. It involves a tiny bit of duplicate stitch but all-in-all it's pretty easy too!

Candy Corn Knit Hat by WoollyRhinoCrafts

I love candy corn, you guys. I also really enjoy freeze dried candy corn. People say it tastes like crayons but as someone who ate crayons, it absolutely does not. The texture is similar, but crayons are largely flavorless. Try one. I dare you. Do it. Mmmm candy corn. Fight me. Also this is a very easy and fun knit hat!

And now let me get into some patterns that are not mine...also free ones at the end!

Punkin Guy! Crochet Pattern by Malicat Crochet

I made one of these and it brings me joy. The one I made was basic and with no accessories because I wanted to see how it worked before I went about customizing. There are lots of fun customization options in the pattern. It also has a ton of room to get creative on your own WHICH I LOVE. 

Here's a picture of mine. My very plain Punkin Guy. I put the eyes closer together than the pattern suggested and I sort of wish I'd put them even closer and used smaller eyes to make a really silly tiny face (maybe for the next one). I fully intend to make a candy corn one if I have time this month. lol

Amigurumi Ghost Crochet Pattern by A Little Love Everyday

THIS ONE IS FREE (with a paid PDF version available here). If you've been around a while you know that A Little Love Everyday is one of my absolute favorite designers of adorable, fast, little amigurumi. Pretty much my go-to when I need a little thing in a pinch. So many great patterns, and this little ghost is no exception!

Cutest Candy Corn Crochet Pattern by Love + Stitch Co. 

If you somehow missed the memo, I LOVE CANDY CORN. I went perusing the internet for a free candy corn amigurumi and this one was the winner! Definitely check out her other patterns too (Ravelry is linked above)! There are lots of good spooky season projects!

Spooky Pumpkin Mitts Knitting Pattern by Cat in a Sweater

I'm a sucker for some fun mitts and these are some fun mitts. There are a TON of Halloween and spooky mitt patterns out there these days, but these might be the best freebie! 

Thanks for hanging out with me and this post! If you're looking to snag some physical items, you can see my inventory over on Etsy. Give me a follow on Facebook for the latest updates, and I have some tutorial videos on YouTube! Every month around this time I roll out some sort of pattern round-up, so come back again to add some fun knitting and crochet patterns to your to-do list!


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