March 2024 Pattern Roundup!

This is probably, most likely, definitely my fault. I seem to have accidentally, um, sorted my bookmarks so they are no longer in the order I was working from to clean out the folder and make these blog posts. lololol whoops!

This is sort of hilarious and also sort of not. I'm going to try not to repeat patterns I already shared, but I make no promises and it's not the end of the world if I do, right? My main concern is that I'm now going to bypass broken links that need to be removed and not actually clean up my booksmarks very well. hahaha

Check out last month's roundup for more patterns and the links to all of the other posts in this series. I don't feel like going through and finding all of the links for this post because I'm pretty dismayed by my bookmarks no longer being in the order they were in.

But let's not talk about that anymore. Shh shhh.

Let's just get into the patterns I picked for this month. I only did three, again, because of the dismay.

Well, wait. Let me say a little more. It's on theme, I promise.

It's common to come across free patterns on various blogs, including the ones I share each month. Whether it's my pattern or another one you found, it's crucial to direct people back to the original page or blog where it came from. That's why in my roundups, I provide pictures, brief descriptions, and direct links to the source.

Many crafters monetize their blogs through ads (me included). While ads may not be the most enjoyable aspect, they are how creators earn a living. Without this income, they wouldn't be able to continue providing the free patterns we all enjoy, even if they are on ad-covered blogs. This is also why many crafters offer PDF versions of their free patterns for a small fee – it's a way for those who dislike ads to support the creator while getting an ad-free experience.

However, a thing is happening a lot that is a problem. What you should never do is copy and paste the entire pattern to share it elsewhere. Avoid compiling someone else's free patterns into Google Docs or creating PDFs, even if it's for convenience and because you love the creator. While the patterns may be free, redistributing them in this manner takes away from the creator's income. If no one visits their blog or purchases their ad-free PDFs, they lose money.

I understand that ads can be frustrating, but they are a necessary part of keeping the crafting community thriving because we unfortunately live in a capitalist hellscape. If we want creators to keep providing us with amazing content for free or at low cost, respecting and supporting their income through ads or PDF purchases is essential.

Let's continue to enjoy and celebrate the creativity in the crafting community while also ensuring that creators are fairly compensated for their hard work. Thank you for understanding and supporting the crafting community!

Seriously, we're sorry about ads, but if you want us to keep doing what we do and for it to keep being free, they are a necessary evil. 

Oh, and all of the pictures in this post are from the original pages unless I've made the thing, and in that case, I'll say the photo is of the thing I made.

Crocodile Stitch Tutorial

FREE Crochet Tutorial From Moogly


I love Moogly for learning new stitches or stitch refreshers. This is by far the best crocodile stitch tutorial out there. There are written instructions, photos, and a video for you video pattern people. I have the most insane love/hate relationship with this stitch, and I think I have several older blog posts ranting about it for various projects. It's a good stitch to know. It's super cool. But...good golly, it is time consuming and also uses so much yarn. Check it out if you're unfamiliar!

 Virus Shawl

FREE Crochet Pattern by The Snugglery