One of Jimmy Gibbler's Hats - Free Fuller House Colorwork Chart for Knit Hat

UPDATE 2/11/23: This is a very nice basic Christmas hat.

I promised to chart this hat many months ago after I watched the second season of this corny show, but it was right in the midst of the holiday hat rush. I just now had time to sit down and do it. Whew!

Jimmy wears a lot of hats in Fuller House (and I'm a big sucker for nostalgic shows, if you didn't know - also a sucker for hats that look fun to chart). I'd like to pattern all of his hats eventually, but this one seemed like a good place to start with a pretty simple colorwork grid. This is classy hat that would be great for pretty much anyone.

This chart should work for a CO 96 hat on 6s or 7s. You can feel free to experiment with it, change the colors, whatevs, etc.

Jimmy's hat is a dark red/mauve/burgundy sort of color on white with a fold up brim. I think it would look cool with a pom-pom and any two contrasting colors, honestly.

If you'd like me to pattern the entire hat, just let me know. I can also make these hats of course. Like my Facebook page for more of what I'm up to and visit my Etsy shop to buy my things so I can afford to keep doing stuff for free sometimes. ;)

Happy crafting! XOXOX

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