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NOTE: Only Ko-fi monthly subscribers have access to these patterns. Some of them are only for the Needler+ tier too (they are labeled as such!), so pay attention, kiddos. If you're not a subscriber at all, you'll be taken to a teaser page. Once you subscribe to your desired tier you will get access to future patterns as well as full access to all previous patterns listed here! If you're looking for a list of my Ko-Fi pay-what-you-want patterns then head over here.

The Needler+ ($5) tier has access to all of the PokeHooker ($3) tier patterns as well as all of the knitting patterns from when there was only one tier to choose from. This higher tier is new as of 2024. PokeHooker tier is now only Pokemon graphs, but they also still have access to the other patterns from when there was only one tier and I hope that makes sense. It's all fleshed out on the membership page better than I am doing here? Maybe? Who knows. If you have questions, please send me a message on Ko-Fi. lol I'm nice most of the time.

Needler+ Tier ONLY Patterns!


Pokemon C2C Crochet (2024)!

Pokemon C2C Crochet (2023)!


Pokemon C2C Crochet (2022)! 


Horoscope Knit Hats



Misc. Knit Hats (Available to BOTH tiers)


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