What The Rhino Has Been Up To...!

UPDATE 2/1/23: Hot damn! How did I pay my bills selling hats for $20 each! Lord have mercy! This was insanity!

The patterns for all of these hats are FREE right here

Go check out my, now sensibly-priced Etsy inventory! 

I'll hopefully get back to my regular blog updates soon (including Free Pattern Friday!). I've been working a whole lot on the super cool, super secret items that will be part of my upcoming Tumblr and Facebook giveaways. Ok, so they're not really super secret. Here a picture of the epic hat stack. Some need pom poms and others need some earflaps. Heck yes, I'm making some laplanders. Who doesn't love a laplander?

I've also been working on a handful of custom hats for friends and, of course, the Lantern Corps beanies. Once I finish up these giveaway hats I'm going to sit down and put on serious pants and go ahead and finish up the next Beam Guardian scarf before winter hits.

Lantern Corps Beanies

I finished up Black Lantern tonight, but someone bought the Sinestro hat before I could take a proper group picture. I suppose I can churn out another Sinestro without much effort.

Currently available for $20 + shipping

More info on the giveaways...coming soon! Be sure to follow the WRC Tumblr and like the Facebook page if you want to be one of the first to know.


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