Dark Tower Beam Guardian Scarf - Turtle and Bear

UPDATE 2/1/23: Why did I not include my Etsy link anywhere in this post? I'm constantly confused by a lot of my old blog posts. The point of this blog was to drive traffic to my page to make money? And yet there are so many posts that do not contain the links to get to the places to give me the money. lololol

I WILL ABSOLUTELY be FINALLY making the Beam Guardian animal patterns available. If you want the latest updates, you need to follow me on Facebook

I'm really happy with how the second Beam Guardian scarf turned out. It's longer than I meant for it to be (coming in at 66" without the fringe). I kept psyching myself out thinking it was too short. There's nothing worse than a stumpy scarf, amirite?? 

I meant for it to be between 55" and 60" then overshot a good bit. With the 5" fringe on either end it's a pretty lengthy piece. It's 7" wide and making it less wide would make the Guardians a pain in the ass, so I'm settled on the width. One day I'll completely perfect the pattern. Making this one went a lot faster than the first one and I can only assume that each subsequent scarf will take less time and be better than the last!

I used Lion Brand Hearthland acrylic in "Grand Canyon" and "Sequoia." I'd like to try "Grand Canyon" and "Black Canyon" for a future scarf. Actually, I'm not gonna lie, I'd like to try a lot of different color combos. I do still want to keep them pretty neutral though. "Great Smokey Mountains" also looks like a nice color for these scarves.

Anywho - this scarf has already sold. But don't fret! I've already started the next one, which will be the Lion and Eagle Beam. I needed a break from Maturin and Shardik. I'll do another Turtle and Bear after this one and probably in a different color combination.

If you're familiar with my Beam Guardian prototype scarf you know that in the center I put a swirling, vaguely floral shape to represent the Dark Tower. For this scarf and future scarves I'm going to keep it simple and just have the center be the Sigil of Arthur Eld/Mark of the White. I like it. I hope no one else has any objections.

At the moment I plan to make one new Beam Guardian scarf each week. This should give me time for any custom hat orders that come in and also give me time to play video games and also do actual job-work stuff. If I happen to finish a scarf early then I'll start the next one right away. At least until the end of this year I'll be working on a Beam scarf at all times.

Also, I'm thinking about gathering up all of the animal guardian charts I've made and maybe selling them as a cheap set of colorwork grids. I did make them with the Beams in mind, but animals can serve other functions, yeah? Cool? It would be like $2 for all 12 animals in a snazzy PDF. But that's in the future once I've tested and tweaked each.


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