Lantern Corps Crochet Beanies

UPDATE 1/26/23: Blog posts are supposed to be full of words! There are barely any words here! I knew better! Gosh!

You can get all of these charts for FREE right here!

I don't have any of these in stock in my shop at the moment, and I don't plan on restocking them, but you can absolutely request a custom order! My skills have improved over the years and a new Lantern Corps hats would be superior to these, I assure you! Honestly, I'd machine knit a solid hat and then do the symbol in duplicate stitch. The charts above would absolutely work! They'd also work for c2c if you wanted to make a Lantern Corps blanket or something.

Check out my paid patterns on Ravelry and if you're interested in a cool monthly subscription then head over to my Ko-Fi!

Get yours here now while supplies last! There's only one of each and I can also make them in custom sizes and vary the colors a bit too - like if you want the Blue Lantern to be blue on black or something. 


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