DragonCon: The Recovery

Update 2/1/23: I have nothing to add to this post. I just want to acknowledge that I looked at it while I was looking at all of my other old posts. Take a look at my current Etsy inventory!


I met some cool people this year, including another girl that whipped up an awesome Zer0 suit (whose name I have of course forgotten), and I had a run in with Tricia Helfer in the Marriott. Here are some pictures. I'll link to the "official" Borderlands photoshoot pics as soon as they're up.

If you were unaware, I'm really short. I also seem to put myself next to tall people which exacerbates this fact. On the left is Caitlin from Contagious Costuming as X-23. 

Here is the other Zer0 I talked to (to the right) and some pictures from the photoshoot. I'm pretty sure we were discussing our sword construction techniques. She was also much taller than me. My handler only snapped a few pics at the photoshoot.

If I take my Zer0 next year I'd like to redo my sword. It ended up really weirdly weighted, which made it a pain for me to deal with for prolonged amounts of time. My Nihilism head went over really well, but my vision was very limited. I'm sure it wasn't as hot as a helmet.

I don't take a ton of selfies (also ignore the creepo in the background), but my pal Eric over at Jarman Props made me an absurd pink Skyrim circlet. It was slightly too large for my tiny head so I wore it as a headband. Get yours here - they're on sale!

"You're so tall." - the only words I spoke to Tricia Helfer AKA Six from Battlestar Galactica and everyone's favorite robot, EDI, from Mass Effect

I had been suited up and didn't even see her walk past. My handler saw her and pushed me in her direction as I struggled to unzip my head and proceeded to get really sweaty. I'm the most awkward person, ever. For whatever reason I lose the ability to speak in front of famous people. She was very nice and still took a picture with me, although I'm sure she had some place to be. It was very appreciated and totally the highlight of this year!

Anyway. I'll be back to my regular yarncraft posts next week and I'm working on giveaway items, some custom orders and of course another Beam Guardian scarf! XOXOX


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