Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 33

UPDATE 2/5/23: Is that treble crochet? What did I do for these squares? I could go look at the blanket, but I don't feel like getting up. I've gotten a lot better about not saving useless tiny amounts of yarn, EXCEPT black and white because I sometimes use that for stitching eyes and such. When I get near the end of a skein, I ask myself: Is this enough for a granny square? If not, I Marie Kondo it and yeet it into the trash.

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The second row will be done this week! The end of January also saw some exciting sexy squares and I used a couple variegated yarns this week too.

 Let me explain what mood each square represents so that you can get a better understanding of my fluctuating emotional state.

Day 28: This square is three colors. Why did I save these tiny, useless scraps of yarn?

Day 29: Seriously? There's not even enough of one color to make a solid square.

Day 30: I think that blue is wool, not acrylic. I can't machine wash this blanket now and I'm bummed about that.

Day 31: Green.

Below is a picture of my two rows. They're in piles. When I attach them I'll try to take a picture of them all laid out, but this blanket is going to be really big. I don't have a place to take a good picture. The finished blanket will take up the entire living room floor. I'll be able to yarn bomb my house.


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