Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 40

UPDATE 2/5/23: Well, this post had some weird formatting. I really don't know why some posts had weird formatting and some did not. Did I copy/pasta from another document or something? I really don't know, but it's why I'm here and doing this and literally looking at every single blog post I have ever done on this blog.
I'm not totally sure how to fix the formatting of this post because I cannot find what's causing it in the HTML. I am a jack of all trades, master of none (which is a fun way to say I have ADHD, amirite?).

Anywho, let me learn you something about blogs. They are covered with ads for ad revenue for the posts (e.g. my free patterns) that people visit a lot, then the other posts are WORDS WORDS WORDS for the search robots, so that there are lots of links to my Etsy shop floating around the internet. 

I think the images are what blast the formatting to hell. Maybe. Or at least it has to do with them.
I've got two rows and then four very bright and exciting squares in row 3! Look! It simply isn't possible for me to take a good picture right now. I'm suffering from Winter Laziness, which is basically a form of light hibernation in which I simply can't do anything that involves getting up off of the couch or from my desk. I'm awake, but not very high functioning.
This blanket is quite wide, you see, and I'd have to do some rearranging/cleaning to get a good picture of it's full, magnificent width. I'll take it out onto the back porch for some natural light photo ops in the spring, assuming winter ends.

Recap: This year-long crochet challenge is brought to you by Siouxsie Stitches. I'm joining each of my squares with basic sc in black then doing a black sc border around each row before joining the rows with more sc. I have no strategy for my squares and I'm making multi-colored squares from my scrap yarn collection as well as incorporating squares in the colors of whatever I'm working on. I'm also mixing fibers and I do not give a single shit. Crapghans FTW! I haven't repeated a color yet, I don't think.


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