Finishing Up Nisha + Full Costume Test Session

UPDATE 2/6/23: Corrected some formatting issues and putting this here so I know I checked this post! lolol

After DragonCon I hope to get back in the grove of Free Pattern Friday for real - at least a colorwork chart each week if not a complete pattern. I wrapped up both of my cosplays this year way early, but I've mostly just been working on stocking the shop for the impending hat season(!). This means I'm not really making any new or interesting things at the moment. I'm taking it easy until after the con, you see.

Following this year's adventure, I'll be doing a full write up for both Sweater Saturn as well as Nisha for my main website for those of you interested. I personally enjoy reading about other peoples' processes for ideas, etc. etc. My write-ups are pretty fun because I screw up a lot and they often contain many hilarious DO NOT DO THIS LIKE I DID tips. lololol
Until then, here's a quick summary of the final parts of my Nisha costume and a few shots from a quick test session. 

You really should always put on all of your shit and run around your house. This is a great way to make sure you're durable for when falling down drunk in costume and, for Nisha, it revealed a few parts that needed paint touch-ups (inside of the jacket and the drop shadow around my class mod). Also, if you get everything that's going to break o break before a con you can fix it in the comfort of your home so everything stays together once you leave home. I also had to add more velcro to my belt because my grenade is oddly weighted and was screwing up my pants.

I also did a full-ensemble Sweater Saturn test run with a dorky photo session. See that stuff on Facebook!

PROPS FROM TRASH: A WoollyRhino Specialty
I love recycling. I love making things out of garbage. Even if I were rich and swimming in money to buy things, I would still make things out of trash. It's fun, like, super-fun. Fun to the max. It can be a challenge. I love a good challenge and waste is stupid.

My Maggie revolver is made out of an old USPS box and I used the leftovers to make my class mod as well (and the boot details). The bug candle has nothing to do with anything except I used it to weigh down cardboard parts as the glue dried.

Last year for my Zer0 suit, I made a grenade out of yogurt containers. I'm using that same yogurt grenade this year. I hope no one cares that I am totally going to have a BL2 grenade and shield for my BL:TPS cosplay. I simply did not feel like making all new props and I didn't have any suitable trash. I made so much stuff out of trash that I ran out of trash. Note that I also use a Chinese take-out lid for a paint pallet. 

And...I love side-by-side progress pictures! You can see the progress! My Maggie is totally flat! Isn't that rad?! I had also wanted to put lights in my class mod, but they were an afterthought and I couldn't fit the battery pack for my LEDs inside of it (plus I also only had blue lights on hand and I really needed purple or pink), so I just painted it. That was my bad. I made the mod a little thinner than it should be because I didn't want too much crap sticking off of my body. ARTISTIC LIBERTIES, BITCHES. I take them and I am proud of it.

I turned an old pair of generic white uggs into Nisha's boots. Ok, ok. They were so old they were off-white. See:

I cut out and glued on pieces of the VERY SAME box that I used for my gun and class mod. I used all of that dear box. I made a minor error in judgement when attaching the parts for the left boot and they're sort of crooked. The boots were rather misshapen from being in the bottom of my closet and I failed to take that into account because I am sometimes extremely incompetent. You can't really see it until I get the boot onto my feet and they're in their proper form.

The glue I used, which I now swear by and worship as the Most Holy of All Glue - Jones Tones Fabric Glue - held my screw up on so firmly that I just left it. I couldn't fix it. The glue was just too incredible (and it's also very cheap...imo it works better than tacky glue for sticking paper shit, etc. together). It is not just a great fabric glue, it is a great multipurpose glue and I also used it to make my gun and class mod, mind you. It worked wonders as filler in the spaces where I joined the cardboard as well and it's easy to paint over too. My God, you would totally think I was a spokesperson for this glue, wouldn't you?

After the glue dried I took the boots outside and blasted them with black plasti-dip. I didn't do a great job because I was running low and I mainly concentrated it on the rubber soles of the boots. They were my main concern because I didn't want the color to rub off at the con. I also wanted to get sort of a base-coat on the cardboard parts so I wouldn't have to do it in my paint, which by this time was running low as well. lulz

Then I painted them. Ignore the wild cankle shit happening in that one picture. I did not inherit very much from my family, but I was definitely shafted with unfortunate calf-ankles. Shhhh.

I don't seem to have taken a picture of the finished pants. This is them at a pretty early stage. I love cell shading. The end.

I'm sorry if this is disjointed and riddled with typos, but I really needed to write a post this week and I also really want to play Heroes of the Storm, so blasted through this at lightning speed and I don't feel like proofreading because I am super lazy and I am human and I just do not care anymore. 

XOXOX HAPPY CRAFTING no matter your preferred craft. :D


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