FREE Terrier Dog Colorwork Chart - Suitable For Knitting or Crochet

UPDATE 2/6/23: This will totally work for c2c and duplicate stitch. The hat I made with it is not the best because the colorway was wild. lol
I made this chart for a sort of slouchy knit hat. I suppose this dog is some sort of terrier. I was shooting for a Scottish Terrier, but it looked way bad. The hat I made was a late birthday present because I am the worst friend in the world. 

I wanted to try out some Caron Simply Soft Ombre and the end result on the dogs was pretty ridiculous. imo, but it looked cool for the rows of argyle above and below the dogs. Maybe use a solid color for your dogs.

This chart will work for other knitting projects as well as crochet. I put some stitches between each dog on the hat I made, but the chart will work with no stitches between (but it'll look like the dogs are sniffing each others' butts). Do what you want with it! Check out some other free charts and patterns here!

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XOXOX - happy crafting!


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