Saruman's Beverage Sleeve - FREE KNITTING PATTERN - Includes Colorwork Chart

UPDATE 2/7/23: Oh, man, why didn't I make a solid black cozy and then duplicate stitch the hand?! This chart is definitely valid for duplicate stitch and you could totally put it on a knit beanie!

After a slightly intoxicated Facebook discussion, a friend of mine suggested I make him a beer coozie with the Hand of Saruman on it.

As usual, I said, "Ok. I can do that."

Then I did it.

This rad beverage sleeve was made with bottles and cans in mind, but it can be easily modified to be a coffee sleeve. It will fit your typical 12 oz cans and regular-shaped bottles. Feel free to also use it for soda or those weird cans of Dasani water that taste like garbage. Also feel free to use the chart for other projects (including crochet), but I appreciate credit in the form of a link back to this pattern or shoutout to my Facebook page or Etsy!

I made the sleeve flat and then seamed it so I could get a good look at the hand and make any necessary tweaks to the chart. You can also make it in the round using magic loop or DPNs. Instructions are the same, just, you know, use your preferred working in the round technique.

What You Need

  • worsted weight yarn in black and white (or other colors, whatever)
  • size 6 needles of some sort for your preferred method
  • yarn needle (optional, for seaming if you work flat)
What You Do
  • CO 36 sts with your preferred CO method, join if you're working in the round
  • 2 rows of k2p2 ribbing, more if you want a longer sleeve
  • work this chart:
  • 1 row of stockinette
  • 1 row of k2p2 ribbing with dec worked after every 4th st
    • e.g. k2p2, k2tog, k, p2, k, p2tog, etc. etc. - use your mathbrain
  • k2p2 ribbing matching up accordingly with the previous dec row
  • seam if necessary
  • put on drink
  • drink
To the right is a crappy picture I took before I seamed it.

You can leave out the dec row to make more of a coffee sleeve. The coozie I made was decently stretchy, but snug and I intended the dec part to sit at the neck of the bottle/top of the can.

Happy Middle Earth crafting! XOXOX

p.s. If you want one of these from me, just send me a custom order request on Etsy! $10 + $3 shipping (US only - sorry international, pals)

p.s.s. Next week is DragonCon and I'll try really hard to churn out another free pattern early in the week before I depart for the great unveiling of Sweater Saturn.


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