Monthly (Crochet) Pattern Round-Up! APRIL AXOLOTLS

**EDIT 4/15/23: I totally know that I spelled axolotls wrong in the graphic. I just don't care and I'm not changing it because 2023 is the year of me being unhinged af.

There are A LOT of axolotl patterns floating around. AxoLOTl of patterns, if you will. all know that I also love alliteration so April...and Axolotls just goes together, right?

If you don't know about axolotls then let me give you some QUICK ANIMAL FACTS:

Axolotls are a weird type of salamander, which is an amphibian. Most amphibians (e.g. frogs, mudpuppies, more common lizard-looking salamanders, etc.) go through different stages as they develop - eggs, tadpoles, adulthood, and they move onto land as adults. Axolotls don't do this. They never move onto land. They are aquatic as adults and they keep their gills looking like cute babies forever. The frilly things on their heads are their gills btw. There are some other species of salamanders that remain aquatic as well, but I digress. Axolotls are arguably the cutest.

In the wild they are CRITICALLY ENDANGERED and only found in one single lake in Mexico. They can regenerate, which is wild, and they used for SCIENCE. Also, pets these days and they've been bred to be a bunch of different colors (morphs).

Now I'll give you some patterns and not accidentally write an essay on axolotls. These are all crochet patterns this month! Sorry, knitters!

All photos here belong to the designers! I have yet to make any of these.

Axolotl Amigurumi by AsthesCrochet

(Paid Pattern)

This pattern found it's way to my feed on Facebook and is really what got me wanting to roundup axolotls. I came into possession of a lot of bulky yarn and I've been looking to find projects to use it, so this was fortuitous. Super cute, minimalist, and not hard to add a mouth if you want more details on the face!

Crochet Axolotl by complicatedknots

(FREE and Paid Versions Available)

These kill me, just look at them. Look at their little faces. If you want the free version of the pattern, it's a video pattern and it's available here. I feel like I should also mention that complicatedknots also has a stupidly cute bearded dragon pattern and sugar glider that is chef kiss

Realistic Axolotl by ImaginedYarn

(Paid Pattern)

I've been aware of ImaginedYarn for a while because of the absolute best Toothless and Light Fury pattern available on the internet. Lo and behold, if you're looking for a more realistic axolotl pattern, there is one.

Kiki The Baby Axolotl by Anvi's Granny

(FREE Pattern)

This is my favorite axolotl freebie! Most of Anvi's Granny's patterns are beginner friendly too! She's got some other pretty rad free stuff and also offers courses and memberships. Worth checking out, and I do plan to make a Kiki soon!

Amigurumi Axolotl by a little love everyday

(Paid Pattern)

I apparently can't do any sort of pattern roundup without at least mentioning a little love everyday. This is one of her paid only patterns, but you can find a ton of free patterns on her blog. All of her patterns are easy, cute, and quick if you're in a pinch!

Check out all of these awesome designers, favorite their Etsy shops, and don't forget about me either! Follow me on Facebook, Ko-Fi, and Etsy!


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