September Pattern Round-up! CROCHET RAGDOLLS

If you follow me on Facebook then you might be aware of a thread about Benjamin from Little Misfortune. I queried my followers to see if I should make him as a 3D version or a more stylized "flat doll" more true to how he appears in the game. I couldn't for the life of me think of the word "ragdoll" and just kept saying "flat doll" because omg. Anyway, part of Benjamin's charm is how 2D he is and I think he would make an excellent ragdoll so that's on my to-do list after I finish up some inventory and revamping my Claptrap pattern. In the meantime, I rounded some other cool ragdoll patterns up!

(all pictures belong to their respective creators btw since I haven't made any of these because there is not enough time in a day for me to do all of the things I want to do) 

Unicorn by Spin A Yarn Crochet

This is adorable and I intend to make one eventually. It's a FREE pattern with a paid PDF version here. Spin A Yarn Crochet has quite a few ragdoll patterns, but this is my favorite out of the whole bunch. Well, maybe. There's also a raccoon...


Pair of Deer by SheMakesCrochet

These two are super cute and I think they'd make awesome holiday decorations on a mantle or something, am I right? SheMakesCrochet has some other great FREE ragdoll patterns on Ravelry that are worth checking out, but again, I picked my favorite. The fact that everyone that makes ragdolls seems to make numerous ones leads me to believe that they are very fun! lol


 Ghost Kitty by Stephanie Pokorny on Crochetverse  

Crochetverse is always a great place to find patterns. This is another freebie! I'm definitely in the autumnal mood and sending fall vibes all over the universe right now. Bring on spooky season and make one of these little ghost kitties! And of course she has patterned a bunch of other ragdolls, so I'm really feeling like I'm going to end up making other ragdolls after Benjamin.

Fox and Baby Fox by A la Sascha

These are not free patterns, but I love them and they can be purchased together or separate. The heads are stuffed so they aren't totally "flat dolls" like I have in mind for Benjamin, but oh man am I just a sucker for foxes. A la Sascha - like the above creators - also has a TON of ragdoll patterns. She offers a lot of duo deal patterns where you get a big and small version of each one. Her hedgehog ragdolls are also worth noting.

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