February 2024 Pattern Roundup!


It's that time again!

Time for me to make a blog post with a really terrible header graphic because I do not care enough to make a good one, but I insist upon having one. At least the colors are kind of nice this month?

If you're new here, I'm going through my booksmarks for this here pattern roundup series theme or whatever you want to call it. I'm deleting dead links and sharing the un-dead links with the internet. Live links? Live links sounds better and less like zombies. Unless you're into zombies then we'll go with the undead links. I deleted A LOT of dead links while preparing for this month's festivities. A LOT. I think this was the most dead I've deleted in one go so far. It's a shame too because some of them looked like they may have been really cool.

Check out the previous installments of this series here, here, and here, if you're interested.

This is another all crochet month and there's also a round-up within my round-up again. lol

All images belong to whomstever they belong to, unless specified and I made one of the whatevers. Whatever whatever. So on and so forth. Get some inspiration. Words words words. Words for the internet robots. Get crafting!


FREE Crochet Pattern by sukigirl

I made a Hobbes! The pictures is the one I made. There's actually two patterns on this page. Or, well, a pattern then a link to another pattern. Patterns within patterns within patterns. Patternception. The Hobbes I made (pictured) is actually sort of a combination of both of these patterns, I think. It was a while ago when I made him. Anyway, good patterns. Do the youths these days even know about Calvin and Hobbes? I'm out of touch with the youths. 

Simple Slippers

FREE Crochet Pattern from The Spruce Crafts

I intended to make a pair of these and never got around to it. Then I forgot about the pattern entirely. Now I've been reminded. Will I forget again? Yes, probably. I don't enjoy knitting socks at all. I thought I might like crocheting foot warming devices better? Who knows? This patterns looks pretty easy and straight-forward. Lots of sizes. Lots of pictures. They look cozy. 

Gumdrop Slouchy Hat

FREE Crochet Pattern from Gleeful Things