June Freebie Pattern DELAYED

Ok, it was already delayed because of the Blue Badger pattern, which is taking way longer than anticipated. I'm working on the companion videos now, but after that I need to take a bit of a break from hand/arm activities.

Yesterday, in a hilarious mishap involving a wasp, I jerked my elbow in such a way that I appear to have pinched a nerve that caused me to lose feeling in my thumb and first two fingers of my left hand. While I am right-handed, my left hand is quite involved in both crochet and knitting, and even holding embroidery. Also, typing.

This morning I've regained most of the feeling in my middle finger, but I still have a dead thumb and index finger, so I'm going to give my whole arm a rest for a day or so until I can hold things properly again. lol

I will not tell you what the freebie pattern is and it will remain a surprise, but it is a redux of one of my very oldest freebie patterns. That is a hint. That is all you get.



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