Dark Tower Beam Guardian Scarf - Lion and Eagle

UPDATE 2/2/23: My Dark Tower stuff was so popular! I also priced it very very low. I'm sort of excited to get the charts together for the Tower crafters out there! I absolutely want people to make their own Beam Guardian scarves! I also love that staghorn cable! I got my cable needle out and I'm going to do SOMETHING with some staghorn soon! I swear it!

Anyway, I don't have any Tower goodies in stock right now, but check out my Etsy to see when commissions are open and take a look at my other inventory! And swing by my Ko-Fi page too!

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Well, this scarf sold within a few hours of me listing it so here are some pictures. It's in the mail today for the lucky person that managed to buy it before anyone else. :)

Down at the bottom is also a picture of the next Turtle and Bear scarf. I'm using Lion Brand Heartland 'Grand Canyon' and 'Great Smoky Mountains' and they look great together! Ignore the cat in the picture and the lumpy appearance of Shardik. Next week I'm going to make Gan's Beam, the Elephant and Wolf.


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