Ka Symbol FREE Colorwork Chart

UPDATE 2/2/23: I believe I have another version of this that's a tad smaller. I knit this one on a hat. I remember the hat because I hated it. If I were to remake said hat today, you bet your ass I would use duplicate stitch for the symbol.
Anywho, I'll update this if I ever find the other version of the chart. I used it for a scarf but I don't know where I saved it and clearly didn't name it something that made sense. Oops.
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I only ever used this chart once, but here it is for anyone that wants it! Click it for full size. The finished pattern is fairly large (like the whole side of a knit hat if you use worsted weight yarn and size 7 needles). It should be fine for tapestry crochet as well as knitting. Happy Free Pattern Friday!


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