FREE Pattern Friday: Versatile Mustache Colorwork Chart

UPDATE 2/7/23: Ah! Here is where I learned duplicate stitch! My favorite! It opened up so many magical doors and windows and maybe a cellar!

Having finished up the first round of Splatoon Bobble Hats, I decided to take a break to knock out some personal projects.

I'd been meaning to try out the FREE Jackyll & Hyde Balaclava pattern from the Fall 2007 issue of Knitty. My original intentions were to take the plain pattern and then make it into a Deadpool ski mask. I didn't have enough of the same red lying around, so I made it in hot pink because I had an awful lot of hot pink for no good reason.

As a connoisseur of bad movies, I watched Spring Breakers several times. If you also unfortunately saw that movie, you will recall the prevalence of hot pink ski masks. I didn't want to make a Spring Breakers' ski mask, so I needed to make mine much more classy.

And how do you make something instantly look classy?

Add a mustache.

I duplicate stitched this mustache onto the finished balaclava, but you can use it however or for whatever.

After adding a mustache to a ski mask, it's important to take selfies. 

Here are some handy links about duplicate stitch:

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