Splatoon Cosplay Bobble Hats v1.0

UPDATE 2/6/23: I'm no longer stocking these hats, but I will make them as custom orders. I will NOT add tentacles anymore. It's too much. I also hate sewing lol

You can see my commission status on Etsy and you can also make your own bobble hat with this pattern here

Get yours here now! Very limited quantities. And I mean very. But don't fret! I'm going to make another batch soon. I just need to restock my materials and then I'll get started on more. Patience, pals!

My post last week was about the knit hats themselves...mostly (I think). The Fabric Gods finally smiled on me and all of my fabric arrived. I ended up settling on polyester felt. It's durable and it's easy to work with. Plus it comes in (almost) every color ever. And it's affordable, which is good for me and also good for anyone that wants to buy one of these hats without plunging into massive debt.

For the underside of the tentacles I actually used fleece. Glorious fleece! I was going to make all of the tentacles out of fleece entirely, but things went awry. It was probably for the best because using fleece would have gotten costly. I'm going to continue to use it for the white parts of the tentacles so that you can rub them on your face and have them feel like heaven as you wear one of these hats.

I love fleece, if you couldn't tell.

Anywho, tentacles! Here are some progress pictures:

I got a rando pack of craft felt sheets to do the spot details on the top sides of the tentacles. Spots and "suction cups" are attached with that glorious fabric glue that I swear by and that I love more than I love my entire family - Jones Tones Stretchable Fabric Glue. This stuff is godly and I use it for all of my crafts, not just fabric. If you keep up with my blog you are probably tired of me mentioning the wonders of this glue. You'd think I worked for Jones Tones, but I totally don't. I might be in love with this glue though.

Everything making these hats was going fine and good, but slow because I kept having to work on other assorted projects. Making the hats was a breeze after I sorted out the pattern. I got the pins from Snow Bunny Studios, my glorious button-making comrade and then making the tentacles wasn't crazy. I made templates, cut everything out and I put them together. Poof.

Things got hairy when I went to attach the tentacles to the hats. If you're a knitter you can see that I used k3p3 ribbing, which is hella stretchy. Machine-sewing stretchy things is awful. The felt and fleece tentacles were not terribly stretchy, but it proved extremely difficult to position the tentacles and get them to stay where they were meant to be. Even with a million pins trying to hold them. It was frustrating and I had to do some seam-ripping, which is terrifying on anything knit. 

I worked it out though! 

I ended up machine-sewing them on roughly into position, just for sake of durability. It would suck to be at a con and have a tentacle fall off of your bobble hat.

But then I had to go back and hand-sew each of them to make them look right. I basically did a stitch here and there to get the things in the actual right places. If you know me, you know I hate sewing, especially hand-sewing. This is strange because I don't mind seaming crochet and knit things together. It's something about tiny, pointy needles maybe. I'm totally down with yarn needles.

Scope out the finished hats. There are five colors: pink, orange, turquoise, purple and green.

I loosely stuffed the ends of each tentacle with polyester fiberfill so they would have a bit more shape and not just be floppy and flat. Ta da!

For the next batch of these hats I'm going to make more of each color, first of all. Second, I'm going to fiddle around with the brims of the hats to make them more accommodating to the tentacle attachment process. Making these hats took a toll on my thread supplies as well as my polyfill, and I need more yarn of course. Much more yarn. I will let you know, dear Internet, when the second batch is ready. My goal is for them to look the same, but for the assembly process to be easier for me. lol

Oh, and I am willing to make these in custom colors other than the main five mentioned here. If you want one in a custom color, it will be more costly, but you can feel free to contact me. These hats are quite labor intensive and there are a lot of parts, plus I'll have to match yarn and fabric, etc. etc. XOXOXOX


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