Free Pattern Friday! Game of Thrones House Lannister Sigil and Motto Colorwork Chart

UPDATE 2/8/23: If you've poked around my other GoT colorwork charts then you know I'm planning to make smaller more versatile versions of the sigils (and probably do some new ones as well). I've leveled up a few times since I made these. I was really concerned about losing detail, but, like, I can work it. In the meantime, you can visit my Etsy shop to see my currently available items and commission status!

My other Lannister colorwork chart can be found here. Like yesterday's Tyrell chart, this was specifically requested. I chose to go with the lion head version of the sigil to mix things up. It also fit better at the requested size (100x100) with the house motto. I hope my requester likes it!

This chart will work for tapestry crochet, but should also be suitable for other needly crafts. It's free to use, but please link back here and I'd appreciate if you liked my Facebook page. I also love to see things people make using my charts since I have no time to ever do anything with them myself these days.

I recommend right-clicking the opening the image in a new tab in order to access the full-sized version. Happy crafting!


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