Free Pattern...Thursday?! Game of Thrones Tyrell Sigil and Motto Colorwork Chart

UPDATE 2/8/23: Is it just me or is the motto not centered? Jiminy Christmas! It's on the spruce up to-do list for the coming months, so keep an eye out. Meanwhile, check out my Etsy shop for available items and my commission status! If you're looking for patterns, then check my Ko-Fi!

I was asked if I could whip up the Tyrell and Lannister sigils with their mottos and make the charts 100 x 100.

"No problemo," I said. Except I've only gotten the House Tyrell done. The Lannister lion is going to take a bit more effort and a longer attention span for me to rework it, but hopefully I'll have it done sometime next week.

Anywho...suitable for crochet, whatever, whatever. Free to use. I recommend right-clicking and opening the chart in a new window to get to the full-size, not just clicking. Depends on your browser though. Please link back to this page and give my facebook page a like if you make something cool with this. :)


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