FREE Game of Thrones Colorwork Chart - House Bolton Sigil with Motto

UPDATE 2/8/23: Michelle, can you make this smaller????
It'll take me a bit to get to it, as I'm going to be making smaller version of all of the GoT sigils. Smaller is more versatile. These huge ones would be rocking for a big c2c blanket, but I'm a big fan of duplicate stitch onto sweaters and hats, so...keep an eye out on Facebook for updates! The link is below!
I dramatically simplified this in order to get it 100x100, and then I had all of these grand intentions of doing another version without the motto, larger and with more of the detail. The latter was a huge mistake. The latter did not happen and will not happen. I wasted several hours working on it and just...I cannot. The Bolton sigil is by far the most detailed of all of the sigils, especially the ridiculous version from the show. I'm not one to say I won't do something, but there's simply no way I'll do a more accurate Bolton sigil ever. No way. I'm sorry. Don't hold it against me!

Right-click and open the image below in a new tab or window to access the full-sized version (depending on your browser). It should work for tapestry crochet or duplicate stitch knitting, but I didn't test it. I may require some tweaks. Feel free to tweak it as needed. It's free to use and you can also attempt to use it for needlepoint or whatever. I don't care and I don't like to boss crafters.

If you make anything cool, please feel free to share it. I love to look at stuff that people make using my charts. Also link back to this post to spread the Bolton love and please give my Facebook page a like too (it's good for my internet self esteem and stuff).

Happy crafting, kids! XOXOX


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