Free Night's Watch Crow Colorwork Chart - Game of Thrones Crochet or Knitting Grid

UPDATE 2/8/23: Make sure you're following me on Facebook (link below somewhere) so you get the very important memo when I have updated all of my GoT charts with SMALLER versions. I can do it! I believe in me!
To get your grabby hands on the full-sized version of this super cool Night's Watch sigil chart you'll need to right-click ad open it in a new tab. Save it and modify it as you see fit for whatever sort of project you want. It's free for you to use, but please link back to this post or my Etsy store!

This chart should work for knitting or crochet and you're welcome to try it out for embroidery or needlepoint. 

Want more Game of Thrones grids? Click here! I think I've made pretty much all of the important houses by now. Maybe. If I'm missing one or you need something in particular then just let me know and I'll see what I can do about it.

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Happy crafting! XOXOX


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