Drama Llama Knit Hats and Pattern! Available Now!

If you're bored and you go perusing this blog, you'll find some very old posts about Drama Llama hats. These were the first hats I ever designed and it's a super easy pattern! I had no idea what I was doing. But that's good because it's very simple and minimalist and great for someone wanting to get started with colorwork! The pattern is a great pattern for getting a feel for carrying your floats and working with yarn tension!

I FINALLY (many years later) got around to digitalizing the pattern! I cleaned it up a bit, and you can get it from my Ko-Fi shop or Ravelry RIGHT NOW!

I don't know why I put it off for so long. This just kept getting back burnered for other projects.

If you're interested in buying a completed hat with prancing llamas (or alpacas) and exclamation points (to add DRAMA), I do have two purple and white ones available here on Etsy. I don't know how long they're going to last, but I do plan on stocking these this fall when I do my big hat restock.

Check out my Facebook page for the latest updates and be the first to know about new items and patterns!

If you're bored/interested in such a thing, I made a time-lapse video making one of these hats! I'm going to doing more stuff for YouTube - time-lapse videos AND I'm going to start a crochet tutorial series...eventually. I have so many plans that I'm struggling to fit them all into my life!


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