Dark Tower Beam Guardian FREE Colorwork Charts

This has been a very long time coming. I spruced up my old Dark Tower Beam Guardian charts and they are here now, for FREE. The Dark Tower fandom has always been one of the most pleasant, coolest, chillest, awesome-est bunch of people. I used these charts for my Beam scarves, which I made a whole lot of and did not charge very much for (my bad).

They're square because square is a nice shape for things, so you can use these for something other than scarves. The charts will also work for crochet - c2c or tapestry crochet or whatever you want to use them for!

For most of the Beam scarves I included the Guardians at each end and staghorn cable. In the middle, you can put whatever - Eye of the Crimson King, Sigil of the White, the Unfound hieroglyphs. I think I've done all three for different scarves? You can also double-knit these and change the number of stitches for the border on the sides. If you don't double-knit you should do a ribbed bottom edge and probably i-cord edge for the sides, or else you'll have to double-up the animal charts to stop them from curling. I made some scarves with, like, pockets behind the animals to stop curling and also pockets are cool. Up to you!

You can check out some of my old scarves here and here.

If you're interested in commissioning a scarf from me, slide into my DMs on Facebook, otherwise check out my inventory on Etsy, and consider becoming a monthly subscriber on Ko-Fi!

I made right-side-up versions and reversed ones for the other end if you're making a scarf. You can pick which Guardian you want to be at which end. Right-click and save to resize! And if you make a thing, don't forget to credit me and this post!


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