Bo'Katan, y'all. Katee Sackhoff carries this show - change my mind.

I did the Mythosaur earlier and I realized after that I should have just also done the Nite Owl at the same time, especially after this week's episode. I considered saving this for next week, but I do what I want. 

If you're looking for the Mythosaur then head over here.  

As with the Mythosaur, I made two. You've got a smaller, versatile 35x35 and a bigger 50x50. Feel free to download and edit them as needed for whatever you're doing. These are good for c2c, sc, duplicate stitch knitting, and cross stitch. I'd use caution with stranded knitting because the grid squares are...square. This will make the circle not circular since knit stitches are not square.

Anyway, link back here to this post if you use these charts for anything cool! Please and thank you. This is the way.


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