FREE PATTERN FRIDAY! Mandalorian Mythosaur Skull Sigil Colorwork Chart

I'm sure someone out there needs this for something. I made two versions - a smaller 35x35 and a 50x50 that has a little more detail. These will totally work for c2c crochet or sc (but at the time of writing this, they are untested). They'll also be fine for cross stitch and duplicate stitch knitting.

Do whatever you want! Knitting will be a little skewed because the grids are squares and I also worry a bit about the large sections of background color, but are your Mythosaur skulls so you can make your little Mandalore banners and stuff, you nerds!

Feel free to save the charts and make tweaks as needed, but if you post your creations online, don't forget to link back here to share the love and joy!

I should probably do the Nite Owl sigil, shouldn't I? Stay tuned...


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Also, check out Stitchboard. It's a great tool for making your own charts!


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