March Pattern Roundup! POTATOES?!

St. Patrick's Day is in March, and I associate potatoes with Ireland (due to that whole Potato Famine, I assume), and I also got a weird commission for, uh, a bunch of potato people and a potato king? So, does it make sense that this month's pattern roundup theme is...potatoes? I think so!

Each of the potato people I made needed to be a little different (colors, sizes, etc.) but I looked around at existing amigurumi potato patterns for a starting point and inspo for my bunch of potatoe people. Here are my favorite potato crochet patterns and they are all totally FREE!!!

Images below belong to their respective owners/pattern makers, of course! Only the potato people above are mine.

Potato Amigurumi by Stitch By Fay

This is a very easy potato of good size and I used this pattern for two (I think??) of my potatoes, but I used worsted weight yarn and an F hook to make them a bit larger than the pattern. Fay has A LOT of fun free patterns!

Stitch by Fay on Facebook

Amugurumi Potato by A Little Love Everyday

A Little Love Everyday is one of my FAVORITE designers when I need a cute, little pattern for some occasion or another, and OF COURSE she has an awesome little potato. The faces! Look at the faces!

A Little Love Everyday on Facebook


Pudgy Potatoes by Knot Bad Ami

Again, many cool patterns here in addition to the Pudgy Potatoes! I like these because they're not as round and uniform as the other potato patterns. Knot Bad has a TON of seasonal patterns that are worth bookmarking for later too! There are also some cool how-tos, so poke around!

Knot Bad on Facebook

Small Potatoes by Repeat Crafter Me

Another one of my favorite go-to designers when I need a quick handmade gift is Repeat Crafter Me, and lo, there were potatoes!

Repeat Crafter Me on Facebook

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