It's 2024!

I've got quite a to-do list for this year, much of which was on my to-do list from last year - including updating a bunch of my free stuff from this very blog. There's one thing (a surprise) that I'll hopefully be getting to before the end of this month.

I'm going to be slowly rolling out some changes to my Ko-Fi. Some of which are already under way. I added a second membership tier for $5, which adds a couple more monthly perks. The $3 tier still exists and will be for the folks that just want access to the Pokemon graphgan charts. You can check out the details of each tier right here

I want to start moving away from Etsy for commissions but also not taking commissions directly via social media because the amount of scam/spam messages I'm getting now is completely unreal. Ko-fi's commission features seem pretty cool and I can have slots across all commissionable items. I also like that I can specify what I want to be taking commissions for. I haven't gotten this set up yet because I don't want to start doing commissions again just yet. I'll make a post about it here and on Facebook as soon as I'm situated and commissions are open.

The pay-what-you-want feature on Ko-Fi was a bust. I was expecting more people to pay more than the minimum $1-2, but for 99% of these purchases, people only paid the minimum, which did not balance out in the way I imagined, like, at all. So, unfortunately, I will be raising all of those prices to make the effort of making the patterns more worth my time. You all ruined that for yourselves. The free versions of said patterns will remain free and on this blog, covered with annoying ads still, of course.

I'm going to go back to doing monthly physical inventory updates/drops on Etsy, which will be small and limited. I'm going to focus on products I know sell, rather than stocking new designs. But I will be rolling out new PATTERNS each month. I want to try for a mix of paid and free with a paid PDF version.

These pattern goals of mine include the higher Ko-Fi tier which will include a colorwork knit hat design each month.

I've said this several different years and tried several times, but I want to concentrate more on patterns and commissions for bigger ticket items, rather than stocking things. I just get derailed because I think I have a good idea that people will like so I make a bunch of a thing that no one buys because I have no idea what people want. It's a waste of my time and the money I spend on supplies for things that end up sitting in my shop for years. In fact, I have a bunch of stuff I'll be taking apart to reclaim the yarn in the next week or so as soon as their Etsy listings expire.

I'll be continuing with my mid-month pattern round-ups, but I'll also hopefully be doing more general blogging here as well as more Youtube videos. I honestly hate making videos. Nothing ruins my crafting groove like stopping to make a video or checking to see if my dumbass moved out of the frame and shit like that.

I'm wrapping up a bunch of personal projects for funsies for myself which I'll share once they're all done.

I also fully-intend to be even more unhinged this year and use more profanity out of sheer spite for everyone. Or something. Who knows. It's part of my brand.

Oh! And maybe...maybe...maybe...I'll do a crafting stream or two over on my Twitch. I stream pretty regularly anyway, but it's just me doing bad voice acting and yelling at games.


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