Dark Tower Yarnbending

UPDATE 1/23/23: Should I make some more Dark Tower stuff? It was always pretty popular. I got hit by the copyright police for the Eye of the Crimson King because I did rip the eye logo straight out of the graphic novels. I ain't mad. A comic artist isn't a billion dollar company (I'm looking at you Disney and Fox and CBS).

In a somewhat surprising turn of events both of my Dark Tower hats have sold from my Etsy shop. I suppose there aren't a lot of other Dark Tower-inspired crafts floating around. I'll be making another Crimson King slouch beanie and I'd like to make another Unfound beanie, but in a deeper brown or tweed. I want to tweak both designs and make them smaller too.

Along with that I was also thinking about Beam Guardian scarves. It's not scarf season, but they would all be ready for purchase by scarf season. I'm unsure about colors. I was thinking I want to keep them neutral and all in similar shades. At either end of the scarves would be the Guardian of each Beam and I'd like the middle of each to be textured...not sure how yet. It's April, so I have some time to think.


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