How To Make The Magician Teensy

UPDATE 7/5/2024: Yeeeeowza, I finally updated this pattern and I forgot for an entire week to put the new link here. So, if you want an actual Magician Teensy pattern, you can find it here. I'm leaving this post as is because it's hilarious. 

UPDATE 1/23/23: Holy shit, did I work this in slip stitches? It looks like it. This was just a quick little present I made for someone, but here I am in 2023! Coming in hot with exclamation points! I'm going to come back and pattern this after I play some Rayman.

This isn't a pattern. I'm sorry. I didn't write this down because it was a lot of trial and error. Winged it, man. This is pictures of the Magician Teensy's development. I've been playing a ton of Rayman Legends lately, which is a great game. I'm normally into games where I get to shoot things to death with space guns and shit, but this is a quality side-scroller. No, I do not work for Ubisoft.


Step 1:
Make a turd shape. This is the head/nose. Preferably it should be in a nice cyan color. I have never had cyan yarn in my life, so I used a baby blue cotton yarn. Ideally, if I make another, I will use a better color.

Step 2:
Make a turd shape that is bigger around and with a flat bottom. this is the body. Attach. I used "invisible" thread which is overpriced very fine fishing line - don't pretend it isn't.

Step 3:
Make a weird top hat. Attach.

Step 4:
Clothe that thing. Naked teensies are vulgar, dammit. p.s. I totally use nail clippers to cut my yarn when I can't find scissors. They're clean.

Arms, hands, eyes, star for hat. POOF A MAGICIAN. Listen closely and you can hear his ridiculous high-pitched cackling.

I'm going to make a larger one. Probably a King-ish Teensy. I will hopefully work out the pattern. This was a lot of fun, but he's so tiny. When I get some cyan for reals I hope to also include the swirl details on the nose and all that good stuff. 

Peace out, woolly bastards.
The Woolly Rhino


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