Crapghan Completion and Other Excitement

UPDATE 1/22/23: I was really bad at taking pictures back in the day! Also that blanket was so ugly! Going through my old posts is wild!

This ridiculous cat (and the ugly blanket) moved out with my ex! I liked this cat more than I liked her! I didn't have any feelings either way about the giant granny square.

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A surprise ice storm knocked out my power for a day and a half and left me without internet for some days afterward. I just got internet back today after much drama with my ISP. The outage was fixed, you see, but my internet was not. That is a boring story.

I worked a lot on the crapghan in my immense boredom and the cold. It's finished, in fact. I also screwed around with some of my other crap yarn. I made a cat scarf...or something. She didn't like it. She doesn't appreciate anything (with an exception noted below).

Here are crapghan pictures. It's the ugliest thing ever. I was tired of working on it. It's huge and I wiped out a lot of old yarn from my stash. I was going to do a needlessly fancy border, but I lost the will to live and just wanted to finish, so I could curl up and die. I still have a bit of crap yarn and I might get started on another crapghan that isn't a granny square.

The asshole cat does approve of the scrapghan. I don't know if she actually appreciates it because she is the most unappreciative cat. It's her new favorite place to sleep though.

Oh, oh. I also used the crapghan when the power was out so I didn't freeze to death. It was effective as one of my five layers of blankets.

The end.


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