Birth of the Crochet Dalek Beanies

UPDATE 1/26/23: Semi-related: I also have a crochet Star Whale pattern available!

UPDATE 1/22/23: Here I am going through all of my old blog posts and checking on links, adding updated pictures, and all that jazz! Look at me go! I'm using so many exclamation points in 2023!

I now have a pattern for both adult and baby-sized Dalek beanies available from Ravelry! Classic Daleks and the Paradigm Daleks! Both are very easy and very nice introduction to tapestry crochet in the round! They're also very easy to resize for custom heads! 

Making these hats also made me hate making pom-poms and I hate making pom-poms to this very day!

I'm definitely overdue for a Doctor Who rewatch and catch-up...which means I might make some more of these... 

I came across a strange device, obviously from space. It was a Progenitor device. But it was a YARN Progenitor device.

I've been on a Doctor Who kick lately, rewatching all of that nonsense. I decided to poke around and look at some other Dalek hats on the mighty Internet. There's some good ones out there. I decided to make my own, but keep them simple. I wanted them to be more like beanies that happen to also be Daleks, rather than putting a fully-formed Dalek on your head, you know? Yeah, dude.

The first born from the Yarn Progenitor (crochet hook) was a bronze one. Nice. Simple. Classic Dalek design. People like color so I made a bunch with the same design in different colors then I also made two that were inspired by the Dalek Paradigm design (AKA the new Daleks). They're a lot of fun to make and really simple. I kept their eyes flat and simple and made their lights out of cute, little 2-inch pom poms. Here are pictures. Buy one for realsies from the Etsy shop. The green one is on sale for my GREEN SALE. omg


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