FREE Lantern Corps Colorwork Charts

UPDATE 2/5/23: These would totally work for c2c crochet! Someone make a Lantern Corps blanket! I'd do it but y'all know I don't have time at the moment! Do it! A nice blanket of 3x3 squares! Come on!


These are the charts I used to make the Lantern Corps crochet beanies, but they'll also work for knitting projects! On the beanies I did the designs in sl, but sc should be ok for flat projects, I think. You may want to experiment with alternating rows of sc and sl to avoid the designs coming out oblong. WoollyRhino supports experiments!

Also note that the colors used on the charts are not necessarily accurate. This is for my own personal visibility needs. I hate staring at the color yellow on screens and I can't use black on the charts or I can't see the grid.

And remember, if you use these for anything then please link back here to this post, to the Etsy shop or to my Facebook page to give me a shoutout! These insignias, of course, belong to DC Comics, but I did take the time to translate them into these charts.

Happy yarncrafting! XOXOX

P.S. Along with free charts, I love to give out FREE ideas. I might take some fiddling, but I think a blanket made of crochet squares with these insignias on them would possibly be cool.

Oh, and if you stumbled on this post and you're not actually a knitter or crocheter then there are still a few of these beanies left that are ready-to-ship HERE. I can also make you one too, if you want.

Click for larger charts!


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