Phoenix Wright Hat Restock For The First Time Since 2016

Wow! I've done it. I've restocked not one but TWO versions of the PaPa hat from Ace Attorney. It has been a very long time since I actually STOCKED this hat. 2016. For real. I checked.

The hat on the left is the standard version which I've made for the last several years but only as custom orders. The the one on the right is a new lightweight version. It's still two layers and double-thick so it will be warm for Halloween or if you want to wear it around during winter, but it's a lighter weight yarn and a looser knit. I was trying to make it breathable to be more comfortable for all-day wear at a summertime con. 

I haven't been including the pins for custom orders, but I have pins again! Now all hats will come complete with the O-face pins! The pins are from Snow Bunny Studios, who is back in the making business again!

Standard hat: HERE.

Lightweight version: HERE.

Now listen up, today is December 7th, and if you stumble here to this page and you want one of these as a Christmas gift then you need to order ASAP. The 17th is the last day I'm comfortable shipping in order for items to arrive in time for the holiday. Even then, the 17th is really pushing it with USPS. 

Anyway, here are some more pictures! And don't forget to follow me on Facebook for the latest updates and restocks, etc. And also check out my Ko-Fi!



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