FREE and EASY Crochet Pattern - Oversized Square Hats

UPDATE 2/4/23: I forgot I even made these silly hats! Going through my entire old blog to fix formatting after updating the layout has been BUCKWILD. This is a really, really easy pattern. Also easy to customize. Heck, you could also knit it and then duplicate stitch designs onto it. So many possibilities!

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** Some of these Hogwarts hats are available from the WRC Etsy shop and some are even part of the RED 'N GREEN SALE. I can also churn out custom ones for your favorite sportsball teams or whatever too! But...

What? I Can Make These Too?!

If you are are craftsy person then you can totally make your own. No joke, these are the easiest things to make and they're a fabulous beginner project. It's also a breeze to adjust the sizes for kids or if you don't want a huge, hilarious hat for some reason. I've made normal sized ones too and the big ones are way more popular.

This pattern isn't particularly proprietary and I'm sure there are other square hats out there, but one more free square hat pattern couldn't possibly hurt, right? Feel free to make any sort of changes or adjustments to this pattern that you want!

The pattern here will make you a hat that is roughly 13" across and 11" tall with two pom poms. Yeah, that's not actually a square, but "Rectangle Hat" and "Quadrilateral Hat" really don't have the same ring. You can make your hat a perfect square if you want, it's not against the rules. I've found that most people like to fold up the brim anyway, which if it is a square will make it not a square.

If you don't have a pom pom maker then don't fret. Here is a great tutorial for making a pom pom maker out of cardboard and you can even use plain paper if you don't have cardboard.


  • worsted weight yarn in one, two, three, or however many colors you want - you could easily make a rainbow hat
  • size J crochet hook
  • pom pom maker (optional)
What You Do
  • ch 101, join with sl (about 75 st will make a not-huge hat)
  • dc in each st around, join with sl, ch 3 and repeat for 12 - 15 rows (or whatever, go crazy)
  • sl the top seam shut and weave in any ends
  • attach pom poms in corners
  • wear hat, get compliments
Glorious Variations

The hats with wider stripes are 3 rows of each color, the other hats are a 3:1:1:1 ratio. You can do each row a different color or alternate colors each row. If you want to do this hat in sc you'll need about 30 rows and this will allow you to do a tapestry crochet design if that's your thing.


P.S. If you make one of these silly hats then feel free to share it with me and everyone else on my Facebook page!


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