WARNING: This Blog Post Contains Selfies

UPDATE 2/4/23: For real, gonna do more posts like this again this year! 2023! Yeah!

I did a blog post last week about Handmadeology's Shop Unique. Shop Etsy For the Holidays promotion and I mentioned a handful of my favorite Etsy shops that everyone should check out. I also made a couple of purchases for myself because I'm such a great salesperson that I found myself compelled to buy some shit after writing about it.

I snagged a pair of custom cat earrings in MIRROR CHROME from SouthPaw Engraving. They're shiny as shit and awesome. I also got a pair of his Black Kitten Earrings. He can make these cats in like every color ever except sparkle purple (which is what I originally wanted, of course). Here are some selfies of me looking rough but sporting these snazzy earrings.

They go great with cat apparel as well as nautical headgear. He's also got some awesome prop/cosplay stuff for sale here.

Then I also got a custom-made, hand-embroidered Sailor Saturn merit badge from Illumine Artisan Works. It is hella cute and beautifully crafted. When I feel like sewing, I'll get around to attaching it to my good ol' backpack.

On the topic of the Sailor Scout of Destruction...My favorite Sailor Scout has always been Pluto actually, but Saturn has a special place in my heart. I believe I mentioned it in passing in some other post, but I do have some vague plans to cosplay Saturn for Dragon*Con 2015. Speaking of which...as soon as I get seriously started on that business you can expect lots of cosplay WIP posts.

If you're still in need of doing some holiday shopping then you should obviously poke around those two shops. Also check out:

You can also visit my Etsy shop too. Duh. I have a wide assortment of hats in stock and I do take custom orders, but I'm taking a very limited number leading up to Christmas. I'm working on a bunch of bigfoot hats, some Dark Tower stuff (yeah, Beam Scarves) and other odds and ends.

If you're a craftsy person and more into making gifts, I have lots of free charts available here and I've got a few Dolla Patterns too. MooglyBlog always has awesome free patterns and you can also get some cool gift ideas from Siouxsie Stitches!

Happy crafting! Happy holidays! So on and so forth.


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