Twin Peaks and...Daleks?!

UPDATE 2/4/23: Hey! Get the Dalek hats pattern here

I'm hella excited for Season 3 of Twin Peaks in 2016. I don't make plans for my life that far in advance, but I'm totally planning to watch the long-awaited third season of one of the greatest shows to ever grace television. 

I've been trying real hard to clear out my mighty yarn stash to make room for new yarns and I ran across a little of this beige and a little of this bronze. They seemed to serve no other purpose except to make a double-knit Owl Cave hat (that I'd been meaning to get around to for ages)! Get it here.

Reversible! Double-sided! Twin Peaks! OMG!

I also whipped up a couple of Baby Dalek hats for the holidays! The red and green ones are all part of the RED N GREEN SALE, so they're $5 off. Unlike the prototypes I made when I was creating the pattern, these are made of extra-soft premium acrylic yarn instead of regular ol' acrylic. 

And don't forget...
The Yellow Adult-Size and Blue Adult-Size are also available for purchase. 

A limited number of bigfoot hats, new DRAMA LLAMAS, and some all-new original designs are also on the way. Along with some Dark Tower Beam scarves! XOXOX


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