Littlefinger Mockingbird Pin: The Scarf + FREE Colorwork Chart

UPDATE 2/4/23: Double-knit scarves are not to be trifled with! I will trifle with them for the right price though, but anyway, this is a nice chart. Go look at my Etsy. I wouldn't object to using this chart for other things. I think it would make a damn fine thing to duplicate stitch on something. Littlefinger is one of my favorite characters lololol

Here are a few pictures of the finished Littlefinger scarf! There's some more over on Facebook, so go check 'em out.

OMG! Free Colorwork Chart!

And for any other Westeros knitters and crocheters (maybe even embroidererererrs), you can use my colorwork chart for your own projects because I'm so darn nice! Feel free to make any needed tweaks to it as well. I actually added an additional row in the neck area to elongate the bird's neck a bit since double-knitting make him a little more stout on the scarf. Mockingbirds are sort of scrawny fellows.

The chart is obviously 35 stitches across and my scarf is 25. I started the chart on my scarf at the 5th column. Do ur maths.

As always, if you make anything super cool with my chart, I'd love to see it! So feel free to share it on my Facebook page! Also please link back to this chart to share it with others and give a shoutout to my Etsy shop. If you want free charts I gots to pay my bills, guys. When I can't pay bills I get mad and then I don't share things for free.

If you're interested in commissioning one of these scarves from me, I am willing to make another. They're extremely time-consuming though (probs like 25-35 hours of work and I CANNOT make another before Christmas). Contact me through the 'Custom Request' button on Etsy or a Facebook message. I'm usually nice.


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