WIP Wednesday - Double-Knit Bigfeets and A Yarn Review

UPDATE 2/4/23: The free entire bigfoot hat knitting pattern is here, including suggestions for double-knitting it.
I'll be doing a shop update with bigfoot hats on March 1st! It may or may not include double-knit ones. 
I've been meaning to get around to double-knitting a bigfoot hat. I finally - actually - did manage to get started. I had a bunch of leftover Paton's Metallic, which I bought for another project a while back and I decided to put it to use (I'll share said project one day when I think about it and decide to pull it out). 

Paton's Metallic: I Hate You

Let me ramble a bit about this yarn. Yeah, it looks neat, but I absolutely hate working with it. It is definitely not my favorite. I think it would be fine for crochet, but I'm continually losing my mind knitting with it. There's also a chance I'm just incompetent, but that aside...

(I might totally crochet some stuff with crocodile stitch with what I end up having leftover. I think it would make great crochet armor.)

Firstly, it claims to be medium weight (4). When I bought it, I got it to pair with some other MEDIUM weight (4) yarn for some colorwork - this did not work because it was so much more fine, so I got some sport weight to go with it, which worked much better and didn't create a lumpy, totally uneven mess that looked like it was made by a person with no damn hands. As if to continually screw with me though, it tends to get weirdly fat in places. It's basically black yarn with this mesh metallic sheath and it ends up just looking uneven and discombobulated no matter what needles I use and even when I use yarn of equivalent thickness. It still just looks funky if you look closely at the stitches.

And speaking of needles, I am forever stabbing through this yarn instead of catching it with my needle. Then it creates this little, very fine fiber fuzzies. You can see them in these pictures, I'm sure. Those aren't cat hairs. I have been working in a cat-free environment. Those are yarn fuzzies. 

In Conclusion

I'm sure this'll be a cool hat when I'm done. Check out the pics of it with the flash off and flash on. It's basically a prototype so I can work out the pattern and update the FREE Bigfoot Hat Knitting Pattern post for folks that want a snazzy double-sided sasquatch beanie. 

I've also got some nice variegated pink yarn and blue yarn that I've been meaning to use and I'll probably use it for some more double-sided bigfeet after I finish this first one.

Some More Stuff

I have lots planned for 2015. Check back this weekend for the updated Bigfoot hat pattern and then check back more often for an UPCOMING CONTEST, more free patterns and charts, and also some new designs that I should be unveiling soon. I also have some cool personal projects that I'll be sharing with the fine people of the Internuts. XD


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