Crochet Sailor Saturn Status Update

UPDATE 2/6/23: The fact that I did cell-shading with crochet was ridiculous. That is all.

I finished up the collar of the sailor suit - I don't know - the week before last. I was planning on doing a bit more work on the Silence Glaive before making a blog post, but instead I decided it was time for a break. I can only look at reference pictures of Sailor Saturn for so long without wanting to stab out my eyes with my crochet hooks. I'm probably going to get back to work next week and I think I'm actually going to dive head-first into the bodice and get it out of the way, but until's a post about the collar!

The collar was pretty straight-forward. I was going to do the solid purple collar that the Outer Senshi seem to have in Crystal, but I thought it looked totally boring, so I went back and added the white stripe accents around the edges from the good ol' original anime. This added about an inch all the way around the whole deal, which I think also improved the general appearance.

Despite the time I spent taking measurements and drawing sketches, I decided to ignore all of them because when I started working it looked too big. It wasn't. Eventually, I'm going to learn to follow my own instructions. I swear I'm going to stick to my measurements for the bodice in order to avoid painful re-dos. It's really important to me that the bodice is form fitting because dammit I don't want to look like a Sailor Sack. I've seen too many Sailor Scouts that look like they're wearing bags, man. Too many. It hurts. Such pain.

I made the collar in three purple panels of sc and then invisible seamed the two triangular front panels to the back panel. Then I put alternating rows of white and purple in sc around it for the stripes. The end. Super straight-forward. The response to the pictures I posted on tumblr blew my mind. People were super impressed by the most basic thing I made for this costume. I guess it's really recognizable though? I don't know. No one cared about the Silence Glaive. lulz

When I attach the collar and boob bow to the bodice I'm sure it's going to blow tumblr's collective mindbox. Especially when I put it on and leave everyone in awe by how totally ripped I am. I hope my biceps don't rip off the sleeves, you guys.

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