FREE Game of Thrones Colorwork Charts - Part 1

UPDATE 2/6/23: I might make smaller versions of theeeeeeese. I'm putting it on my maybe to-do. I'm not gonna lie to you people, I would love to make a GoT c2c blankettttt. These charts will work for c2c but they're enormous. In the meantime, Etsy.

Game of Thrones is coming, so I made some Westerosi-inspired charts based on the House sigils on the show. These are big charts, ideal for tapestry crochet. I personally think they'd be great for making pillows to weep into as everyone you care about on the show dies. You could also make a blanket through your tears and then weep into it uncontrollably as you wait for GRRM to finish writing the series.

Click on your desired chart to get a bigger version. And you can also find a chart for Littlefinger's mockingbird pin here, which I made some months ago. It's a small chart that I used for a custom scarf.

These charts are untested and might need a tweak here and there if something looks a little funny in fiber. And to help you with sizing - a few years back I made my brother a small Greyjoy blanket. The chart was 120x160 (I think) and it had a 15 st or so border on all four sides. I made it with a J hook, entirely in sc and with worsted weight yarn. Completed, it measured about 4.5 feet by 5.5 feet or something like that. I can't find a picture of it (nor can I find the chart) because I'm incompetent, but my approximate measurements should give you an idea since these charts are of comparable size.

** A note about the Stark chart - it's three colors (obviously). This means you'd be carrying two colors behind the active color as you work. This will greatly affect your gauge and in order for the finished project to not look too elongated vertically, you MIGHT...PROBABLY...POSSIBLY want to alternate rows of sc and sl. Don't quote me on this. Make a test swatch. XOXOX

For the next installment, you'll get the Targaryen, Martell and Tyrell charts. Cool? I also want to do Clegane, Arryn and Tully. I'm open to obscure house suggestions too.

Does anyone want charts for some house mottos to go with these? I can do fancy script and size it according to the sigils.

For you curious buggers or people that want to take a stab at making a huge chart - I recommend Stitchboard to get started. You can use it to apply a grid to any image file. It's fast and easy and versatile. You can draw a picture as simple or complicated as you want and get started charting it in seconds. After I have the size I want, I then take the grid and perfect the chart in an image editing program. Sometimes this is a quick task and other times it's tedious and takes hours - depends on the chart. It's a very cool tool, especially for bigger projects that would take 800 years to do completely by hand.


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