Crochet Cosplay WIP: Sailor Saturn Silence Glaive Blade

UPDATE 2/6/23: I'm going to gather all of my Sailor Saturn posts together and in order in case anyone wants to actually read the saga chronologically.
I can't get my damn text to wrap around my images today, so everything is at the bottom. Sorry, Internet.

I feel extra silly calling something made of yarn a "blade," but if this were real life and it wasn't made of yarn then it would, in fact, be a blade. Regardless, I finished it. I find it quite visually pleasing. There's a catch though!

Yarn is really heavy.

That also seems like a strange thing to say, doesn't it? But think about sweaters. I made a sweater to wrap around some cardboard and duct tape. It's causing the blade to be hilariously flaccid unless it's propped against something, which is a huge bummer - I think I can fix it by seaming the little ornate part under the blade directly to the blade. Most of the flaccidity is happened down where the blade connects to the pole. Hopefully it just needs more support or else I am going to have to employ more of my ingenuity. 

I also did a fair amount of work on the collar, but then I took most of it apart. I took all those measurements a few weeks ago, but then I (being the asshole that I am) didn't actually follow them. As I was working, it all looked too big, so I chopped off a few inches. This was stupid. It ended up too small. My inability to follow instructions is perplexing, but the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, innit?

I had a bit of a yarnscare when working on the collar too. I needed some more of the 'Plum Perfect,' which is the darker purple, and I went to buy it online only to discover that it's apparently discontinued?! Who are these idiots that run yarn companies and make such stupid decisions? It's a perfectly wonderful color. Anyway, I went out and bought a crapload of it, probably more than I need, but I'll for sure have enough for all of the remaining purple parts of this costume. Thanks, Caron. Thanks. Please don't discontinue any other colors I'm using before I finish.

As I mentioned in my boring mood blanket post yesterday, I'm in the middle of playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. I want to blunder on through my first play-through and take this opportunity to have a break from Sailor Saturn. After I've saved Thedas and made Leliana happy again, I'll fix the collar. The latter is proving futile because (spoiler alert?) I seem to have screwed up in the first 20 minutes of playing and she will never be happy again. She almost smiled when I was playing last night, so maybe the Internet lied to me. Life is hard.

Oh, and I'll also make some more Game of Thrones colorwork charts!


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