FREE Game of Thrones Colorwork Charts - Part 4

UPDATE 2/6/23: The more I look at these, the more I'm itching to make smaller versions for you people. YOU PEOPLE. Us people. 

Only two charts this week - House Dayne and House Greyjoy! I'm personally very fond of House Dayne. I don't know if anyone else is. Are there any others I should make? House Reed maybe? Tarly? The Night's Watch? I'm open to suggestions. I'd also be down for doing some of the alternate Targaryen sigils from the Blackfyre Rebellion and all that jazz. I really do enjoy making charts. Even if no one ever uses them for anything. lulz

The full-sized versions of both of these charts are available. Depending on your browser you may need to view the image in a new tab. And they might need some tweaks. I recommend using them for crochet, not knitting, but you can do what you want. I'm not bossy.

I've mentioned that I made my brother a Greyjoy blanket (one day I'll take the time to rummage around and find a picture or two of it). He requested the kraken flipped over and instead of the actual house motto he wanted "What is dead may never die" on it. So I did that. I will generally accommodate most requests and all. I DO still have the chart I used for his blanket if anyone's interested, but I figured people would be more interested in a chart closer to the sigil that's appeared on the show.

And here's some more GoT charts:

Baratheon, Lannister and Stark Sigils
Targaryen, Martell and Tyrell Sigils
Arryn, Clegan, Mormont and Tully Sigils
Littlefinger's Mockingbird Pin - this is a smaller chart that I used to make a custom knit scarf

If you do use any of my charts for projects I'd love to see! I'm serious. I may never get around to do anything with any of these charts, but I think they'd be cool. Facebook!


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