Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: Day 103 or Thereabouts

UPDATE 2/6/23: Lord have mercy! Where are the links?! Please, visit my Etsy to see what I have available and check my commission status! If you're looking patterns then I recommend my Ko-Fi, where I also offer a cool monthly subscription!

I managed to not fall behind on my mood blanket despite my extreme video game binge. The binge is now over, more or less. I'm going to replay Dragon Age II for my missing achieves and then blunder through Inquisition again to get some different outcomes. I will do this at a leisurely pace that doesn't interfere with my making stuff. Video game chatter is not for a craft blog! Moving on...

So here are seven new squares and this row will be finished up this week! Finishing rows is my favorite. Also, look at my scrap yarn bin, which is now a basket! It was a tangled mess that took up a bin about three times the size of the current basket before I got started.

I'm hoping to get through all of the little balls of yarn and get rid of all of my "mystery yarn." I know other yarncrafters surely have their own mystery yarn. It is yarn of unknown origin that is a hideous color and possibly unknown fiber.

I'm planning to get some more Game of Thrones colorwork charts out this week as well as do work on my Sailor Saturn costume. I'm also hoping to get all of the sewing done for my Nisha costume and then I'd really like to make some Dragon Age goodies. I don't know what yet, but I must pay homage to the intricate lore that has completely engulfed my existed over the past week. I have something in mind. Sort of. It isn't a solid idea yet, so I'm not going to share. Shhh.


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