Crochet Cosplay WIP: Beginning The Sailor Saturn Bodice

UPDATE 2/6/23: Did some format-fixing...

I finally got back to work on this monumental task. I decided to dive into the bodice, which I anticipated to be the most difficult part. It's proving to be quite challenging. Again, I'm trying to avoid the Sailor Sack look and I'm going for a form-fitting top that doesn't strangle me, further smash my already flat chest nor pinch my armpits. Oh, and I also want to be able to get in and out of it easily.

The nature of crochet doesn't allow me to make a big crochet fabric panel and then cut the fabric to the appropriate size and shape. I have to shape and properly size each the same I go...while also concerning myself with the ridiculous shading I was compelled to do. It's involving a lot of strategic increases and decreases and constantly checking measurements to ensure that everything is happening as it should. It's quite tedious. By "quite tedious," I mean "really, really tedious." Soon I'll be a Level 90 Crochet Sorcerer Queen though.

In order to make the shaping slightly easier I divided up the bodice into a bunch of smaller parts in simpler shapes to be seamed together. The above image is the first section being tested with the collar and bow. After I made the corresponding back section I did some shaping of the armholes (see the images below). Armholes are one of my weaknesses, but I believe I succeeded this time by actually sticking to my measurements. There's not much that's worse than wearing something that pinches your pits, man.

I've finished the top half of the bodice and it consisted of four sections (not including the collar and the bow). It took me about 30 hours over the last three days - for you curious folks.

I switched from a single crochet stitch to half-double to give it a little more stretch without having large gaps between stitches. I stayed with a size F hook and I'm still using Caron Simply Soft yarn.

The collar and bow are officially attached. I even wore the absurd, midriff-displaying, incomplete version around the house for a while after weaving in my ends. It's comfortable and fits well (I could easily be Slutty Sailor Saturn if I saw fit to do so). It comes on and off over my head easily enough.'s heavy. It's a sweater though. My dumb ass is going to be prancing around Atlanta in a sweater. Pure brilliance, I know. Genius. At least the skirt is short so I'll have some air flow, right?

I may make the sleeves before I take on the bottom portion of the bodice. The bottom part is really what will determine whether or not I'm Sailor Sack Saturn or not. At the moment, I'll be doing the bottom in three sections and then going back and doing the piping or whatever that's around the bottom edge. I may or may not use a bit of velcro to secure the bodice to the skirt when I'm done to hold it all together.

Backtracking to the sleeves: I'll probably make one sleeve and then do some time-lapse filming of the second sleeve. I promise it will be at a better angle than my first video and I'll try not be wearing distracting pants.

I found a nice (and free) bikini pattern on Ravelry and I'm going to make myself some crochet underpants for complete crochet costume solidarity. If all goes well the only part of my ensemble that won't be crochet is my earrings. I even saw some crochet-covered boots on Pinterest a while back which looked pretty crappy, but I think I can master the art form if I can pull off this bodice. I'm still going with some fingerless mitts for my gloves, but I may switch to sport weight yarn for them. How I'm going to make the tiara is still in the air. I need to do further research and if it doesn't work out I guess I can just paint the Saturn symbol on my forehead. Have I said all of this before? Whatever. Recap!

Also, my Nisha cosplay, which is largely so my abs don't go to waste this year - I'm going to get all of the sewing done soon and then start the painting. I might do some time-lapse video of some of the painting. I have all of the parts and I just need to snag some paint in the appropriate colors. I'm going to freehand the skull on her shirt. That would be fun to watch some time-lapse video of...I think. And maybe painting the hat?

Happy crafting, pals! XOXOX


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