Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: Day 124

UPDATE 2/6/23: As I continue slogging through these posts and continue thinking deeply about the infamous wool square, I cannot remember why I even had wool yarn. Why did I make with it such that I had just enough scrap left to make a single wool square? I cannot remember. Like, at all. I don't appear to have done any posts about any wool projects. I do not care for wool. I will occasionally use wool blend when requested for extra warmth, but, like, another mystery for the ages.

Giggidy! Etsy

I have 126 squares. Winning!

I took it outside to capture the truly ugly squares. In addition to being covered in cat hair, it's now got some nature parts on it - mainly, magnolia leaves. Magnolia trees are the shittiest of all trees. I've run out of things to say about this you can maybe tell. Here are pictures.


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