Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: Day 131

UPDATE 2/6/23: I think the issue I ended up taking with this project was that I was expected to do only one square a day. I don't mind so much doing a bunch of squares then taking a break for a few days and things like that, but it was this whole "Mood Blanket" concept with this daily nonsense.

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Words cannot express how immensely tired I am of working on this and posting around it weekly. I've stuck to my Monday posts and I haven't fallen behind on my squares, but I am suffering from major ennui. I guess that's what it's a "challenge," innit? I keep thinking that if I felt more feelings and actually picked a color each day based somehow on my emotion that this would be more fun. I mostly pick colors based on what is on to of my scrap bin or what is closest to me. If you look closely at my pictures of the bulk of the blanket from last week you should be able to spot some of my Sailor Saturn colors - this is because I was working with those colors at the time, which put them in close proximity to my hands for making squares.

This past week I made it a point to use the pointlessly small balls of scrap yarn that I saved for no good reason. There wasn't even enough of any of them to make a full one of these tiny granny squares. Why would I save them? My aversion to wasting yarn has crossed a line. These squares were a wake-up call.

I can't wait to be done with this. One can never have too many blankets. Especially if one insists upon keeping it freezing in the house during winter to save on the gas bill. I have some vague plans for a blanket that won't bore me to the point of tears, but said plans are very tentative and I'm going to keep them vague so not to get anyone's hopes up. I will say that said blanket will be a major masterpiece of tapestry crochet to rival all tapestry crochet ever before.

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